VESSEL BALL GRIP Interchangeable Screwdriver – Tool Review

The VESSEL BALL GRIP No. 220W-3 Screwdriver has 3 double bits including JIS 1, 3 2, 6mm slot, and PoziDriv 2 and 3.

The screwdriver handle features the ergonomic BALL GRIP design, for anti-fatigue various ways of driving.


Although the handle may look different from other screwdrivers, in terms of size, it’s very similar.

VESSEL BALL GRIP  220W-3 (middle) compare to Snap-on Ratcheting Screwdriver SSDMR4B (top) and Hazet Hazet 810SPC Phillips #2
VESSEL 220W-3 (middle) compare to Snap-on Ratcheting Screwdriver SSDMR4B (top) and Hazet 810SPC Phillips #2 (bottom)

Is the BALL GRIP design functional? Yes, the ball-shaped finish adapts well to the hand anatomy.

Although it’s not a revolutionary system, the handle allows quick turns using the ball to hold the screwdriver and the grip in the thinnest part to make the turns.

VESSEL CO., INC. is a Japanese company founded on January 16, 1862, dedicated to the production and distribution of screwdrivers, driving bits, industrial tools, pneumatic tools, and ESD-related products.

The bits are of good quality, maybe a bit short compared to other screwdrivers, but they also take up little space.

VESSEL 220W-3 bits

The overall length is 3-inch after inserting into the handle and interchangeable with any 1/4″ Hex bit longer than 2-inch overall length

VESSEL BALL GRIP 220W-3 and Bits
VESSEL 220W-3 and bits

The bits are magnetic, and a kind of detent helps keep them securely attached to the handle.

VESSEL BALL GRIP  No. 220W-3 detent system to hold bits
Detent system to hold bits

VESSEL No. 220W-3 Positive Things

  • Includes a nice bit selection
  • Good quality bits
  • VESSEL Ergonomic BALL GRIP system
  • Made in Japan (at the time of this review)

VESSEL No. 220W-3 Negative Things

  • Bits could be longer
  • Doesn’t include a system to hold the bits (model No. 220W-BC3C includes a bit holder and different bits)

Frequent questions

Is the VESSEL 220W an impact screwdriver?

No, this is not an impact screwdriver. If you need an impact driver, we recommend VESSEL 230w Screwdriver.

What’s the diameter of the ball (BALL GRIP design)?

It measures 1 1/2 inches (approximately 40 mm). On the sides, there are two indents to improve grip.

Can other 1/4 inch bits be used on the VESSEL 220W?

Yes, as long as the bits are longer than 2 inches (approximately 1 1/2 inches of the bit is inside the handle).

VESSEL BALL GRIP 1/4″ Hex. Bit Interchangeable Screwdriver (No. 220W-3)

Interchangeable driver grip with 3 double-ended bits (+1, +2, +3, -6, PZ2, PZ3)

VESSEL Ball Grip Screwdriver (No. 220W-BC3C)

Includes bit holder and 3 double-ended bits (+1 , 3 / + 2, -3 / -6, (triangle bit) 2.0 / 2.2)

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