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Bike Tool Storage Bottles: Great EDC for biking

Tool bottles can be an alternative to saddlebags. We’ll quickly tell you some points to help you decide the best option.

Tool Storage Bottles are a great EDC (Everyday Carry) option for your bike. Unlike traditional saddlebags, tool bottles let’s store all the essentials, without worrying about the weather, bumps, or falls.

In cycling, we usually carry a series of objects as part of the day: tools, snacks, some money, ID card, and even medicine. To carry them, we use backpacks or saddlebags that we place somewhere on the bike: behind the seat, the frame, or the handlebar.

Personally, I have never liked bike saddlebags for the following reasons: get damaged over time, the items we carry can get wet, and some are constantly loosening or moving in places like the handlebars.

However, I must admit that saddlebags have also improved materials to make them more resistant and aesthetics.

Some time ago, I decided to find another way to carry my items, and I found the bike tool storage bottles.

I first bought a Cube brand tool bottle (made in Italy) from a local store. Afterward, I started looking for other options, especially larger bottles and found one from the SKS brand on Amazon (made in Germany).

Cube and SKS Brands Tool Bottles

The truth is that these are simple bottles that we put in the bicycle bottle cages, but with a difference: the tool bottles have a wide mouth to place objects.

I don’t drink a lot when cycling. Also, I prefer small frame bikes, and these generally only have room for bottle cages (for long rides, I carry a hydration pack).

For this reason, I installed an additional bottle cage holder behind the seat ​to carry the tool bottle.

How much can you carry in a tool bottle?

I have been using the tool bottle for a few months, and I am honestly happy, I can easily carry:

Items in the bike tool bottle
  1. Plastic ties
  2. Victorinox Lite Pocket Knife and a Nite Ize Carabiner (size #1)
  3. Energy gels
  4. Bills and ID card hold by a binder clip
  5. Tire Repair Kit
  6. Multitool
  7. Alcohol mini pads
  8. Some pain killers
  9. Bandaids
  10. GoStak container for those medics items
All items fit perfectly in the tool bottle.

All items fit in the tool bottle, and I don’t worry about rain, puddles, or rivers.

Finally, a summary of (the advantages and disadvantages of the tool bottles, so you can know if it is worth buying one, or better you keep the saddlebag.

Advantages of bike tool bottles

  • 100% Waterproof.
  • It can be attached in many places with the help of a bottle cage.
  • Quick Release. You simply have to take it out of the bottle cage holder.

Disadvantages of bike tool bottles

  • Take a water bottle space. This is the main disadvantage. If you don’t have room for an extra bottle cage, you must sacrifice one of your bike bottle cages.
  • Accessing the content, mainly items at the bottom of the bottle is difficult.

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