Hello, my name is Jorge Alfaro-Velasco (AKA Tito), developer and author of REVEEU.

REVEEU comes from “REVIEW” and the sound of “REAL” [reel] (Real Reviews) and is pronounced the same as “review”.

For many years I have used webs and blogs to get recommendations of all kinds, although there are many useful sites, in last years I have noticed that:

  • More and more sites are capturing traffic from Google searches to show product links, but without an analysis that justifies their usefulness or value. These sites generally look for people to view or click on advertisements.
  • There are websites created by full automatic processes with data collected from other websites. That’s doesn’t give any added value to you.
  • Products are recommended just for the commission they can generate.
  • A rushed analysis is done, with no real experience of someone needing or wanting the product or service. These sites want to attract visitors based on the popularity of the product/service announcement.

So, I launched REVEEU in October 2020 to share Reviews and Information about Technology, Games, Books, and Articles for Everyday Life.

My goal… To help people with real, honest, and useful information when purchasing a product or service.

What does “real, honest and useful information” mean?

  • Our reviews are limited to topics that we know and related to the experience and analysis of the offers that we carry out as customers.
  • We want to help people by sharing our experience and knowledge, not forcing or convincing them to buy something.
  • We’re not marketers, writers, or advertising experts who induce or bias readers into purchasing any product or service.

And finally, more than recommending a product, we want you can choose the best for yourself!