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How to get the best microSD Cards for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo knows how to integrate entertainment and versatility for all ages, but Switch’s 32GB built-in storage is a weak point when it comes to downloading games and digital content. Fortunately, you can get a MicroSD Card to add the space you need.

In this review, we show you the points to consider when buying a MicroSD card for Nintendo Switch and the best option for you.

How much memory storage do you need for your Nintendo Switch?

Reviews are based most time on brand, price, and storage capacity; the order may be different for the last two, but the brand frequently represents the first factor to consider.

At REVEEU, we are clear that the product quality is unquestionable, and of course, we want to help you find quality at the right price. That brings us to storage capacity.

We need to store games and digital content, so this is the first factor to determine. After that, we can find the best offers from recognized manufacturers.

Regarding the brand, our recommendation focuses on two: “SanDisk Ultra” and “Samsung EVO Select”. Both offer excellent value for money. Once you define how much capacity you need, you can buy the option you want between these two brands. 

128GB microSD Cards

The minimum capacity if you plan to buy digital games occasionally.

A 128GB microSD memory gives you a balance between low price and storage. We recommend this capacity if you buy both physical and digital games, so you have enough space to download games and digital content.

You can get these 128GB microSD cards on Amazon:

256GB microSD Cards

Our pick: 256GB microSD from SanDisk Ultra or Samsung EVO Select. Both budget-friendly and enough to store many games.

That’s enough space for most gamers, and at an average cost. If most of the games you buy are digital, you should opt for microSD memory with a storage capacity of at least 256GB.

You can get these on Amazon:

400GB and 512GB microSD Cards

A 256GB microSD is enough to store many Indie and AAA games so, how to know if you need more space? Well, here are some clues to help you:

  • Your game catalog is almost or fully digital.
  • You generally don’t delete games, even after you’ve finished them.
  • You like to play many games at the same time or games that won’t be deleted in a long time.
  • The games you buy are typically larger than 10GB each. Find the size for some games that you would like to get, e.g., some titles like NBA 2K20 or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt exceed 30GB.

You can buy these 400GB and 512GB microSD from cards from SanDisk and Samsung on Amazon:

What about microSD smaller than 128GB or larger than 512GB for a Nintendo Switch?

  • Look for a 32GB or 64GB microSD card only if you want minimal extra space for an eventuality and if the price is worth it compared to a larger capacity. Note that we’re looking for a microSD due to the Switch’s limited storage.
  • You can buy a 1TB microSD, but it’s pricey compared to you’ll get. Remember, Nintendo Switch games usually take less space compared to other game consoles. Get this if you want to have a bunch of games and digital content.

If you’re interested in these, you can find 64GB and 1TB microSD cards on Amazon:

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite officially licensed MicroSD cards

Additionally, you can find Sandisk microSD cards with the official Nintendo license for Switch.

Do you get more performance or capacity compared to standard SanDisk microSD cards? Not really. Go for these microSD cards if you’re willing to pay more for Nintendo’s allegorical detail.

You can get these 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB microSD cards on Amazon:

We hope that these points help you decide the best option for you.

And remember, you can leave comments on this review, and if you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to send us messages at

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