The best 1TB microSD cards in 2021

Are you looking for a 1TB microSD memory? Check this before getting one. There are a lot of counterfeits on the market and really few brands offer microSD with a 1TB capacity.

microSD cards have become very popular in recent years due to the small size that makes them fit into any type of device, their affordable price, and of course, due to the possibility of saving up to 1TB of data.

Among the most popular uses is the Nintendo Switch, since this console has very little internal memory and a microSD allows you to store a large number of videogames. Cameras also take advantage of microSD to record hours of high-resolution video.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor quality products on the WEB, and people who falsify microSD and make them pass as products of better quality and capacity. This post will help you to identify fake microSD cards.

Best 1TB microSD cards

Although for 2021 you can find several 1TB microSDs, you should pay attention to the speed they offer to save data. Cheap microSDs are generally made with low-quality components that sacrifice performance, meaning they are very slow to save files. Therefore, our recommendation focuses on two brands: Sandisk and PNY.

Sandisk and PNY are the best options for 1TB microSD
Sandisk and PNY are the best options for 1TB microSD

Both are specialists in the manufacture of storage devices and offer competitively priced SD memory with excellent performance for storing high definition video and videogame files.

Other 1TB microSD options

There are other trusted brands that have incorporated 1TB microSD into their offering. They are Lexar and TEAMGROUP, both manufacturers with many years of experience in the memory market.

Lexar and TEAMGROUP also offer 1TB microSD options
Lexar and TEAMGROUP also offer 1TB microSD options

However, in the case of Lexar, we found opinions and user reviews that indicate slow file saving problems.

On the other hand, for TEAMGROUP we could not find enough opinions to recommend it with confidence.

MicroSD brands to avoid

Last but not least, stay away from these kinds of micro SD brands.

Stay away from generic or poor quality microSD brands
Stay away from generic or poor quality microSD brands

Although many of these cards allow you to save and read files, these are poor-quality versions that present problems such as durability and slow file writing.

Be careful with the large number of counterfeits that you can find on the WEB. For example, scammers use famous brands like Huawei to offer microSD, when in reality Huawei doesn’t even make this type of memory.

In the following post, you can find tips so that you are not victims of false or poor-quality microSD cards.

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